Connection Groups

Connection Groups--our version of small groups--help people connect to God and each other through authentic community. We measure the success of Hope City not by how many people attend on Sunday, but by how many people gather in homes during the week. Want Hope City to feel like home? Joining a Connection Group could be the right choice for you.  

Circles are Better than Rows

Growing in relationship with Jesus happens best when we have others around us to support, nurture, and help us navigate life’s triumphs and challenges. We believe that life change happens when people gather together in community.

Transparency is the Pathway to Transformation

Opening up to a group of people can be intimidating. When we open our lives to other people, we often find others that struggle with the same things we do. We can heal together.

Acceptance comes through honesty

When we’re honest about what we feel, we open our hearts to God. With honesty comes healing. Our connection groups are a safe place to be open about how you feel.